Khushkhera Bhiwadi Neemrana Investment Region

  • Total Area: 920 Sq. km
  • Developable Area: 567.39 Sq. Km



The Khushkhera- Bhiwadi-Neemrana Investment Region (KBNIR) is one of the proposed Global Cities to be developed on the principles of sustainable development in the State of Rajasthan.

The Khushkhera- Bhiwadi- Neemrana Investment Region is to be developed in an identified area of around 165.6 square kilometres. The objective is to create a world-class city—in this area, with industry as the main driver of economic development and employment with non-industrial/non-processing uses. Supportive residential, commercial, and institutional land uses are provided based on industry-driven demand and integrated in the comprehensive concept master plan that includes a strategy, framework, and concept plan. The broad vision for the KBNIR Area is to be a leading place for Rajasthan‘s manufacturing industries.